Join You at the Sun EP

by Pendants

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released March 1, 2014

Thanks to 'Bass Fingers'



all rights reserved


Pendants Wausau, Wisconsin

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Track Name: The Answer
It's cold outside
and I'm waiting for you answer.
I can't tell if it's the weather
or your stare that makes me shiver down my spine.
You're radiant
and I'm self absorbed.
and you're full of life
and I made you smile that one time.

But the days go by
Makes me sit and cry
and wonder why...

I'm still waiting for your answer...
Track Name: Lullaby to the Queen of the Stars
He's older
and he plays guitar
and she's better than him
and he knows it,
but she's younger
and she's suffered from life,
and he never meant to pull her in,
he tried but lost the fight,

And I never meant to make you cry.
I saw you through insecure eyes.
If I could only make it back in time.
I just want to make it right.
Hold you safe into the night,
and realize when I'm stepping out of line...

He made mistakes
and he put her down.
She remembers pain,
so she keeps away.
And all I wanna do,
And all I wanna say
is you're still wonderful...
You're still wonderful.

And all he has are words to say.
He's changed in such a better way,
but the only way you'll hear is if it's sung.
Listen to my words so close,
feel it when it hurts the most.
He isn't perfect but he tries for you.

To see you in the morning sun,
the glow that makes us bound as one
lasts forever through the depths of morning.
See me just as I see you.
The heavens wept when they made you;
to send an angel far beyond your kingdom...
Track Name: The Night
The dark of the night
as dark as your eyes
that brought me delight
now memories of fights.
The feelings, those feelings
I'm feeling a tad faint from fright.

I still have the letters you wrote me before you moved on.

Necklace as blue
as my heartbeat, too.
Life without you
is as dark as the night;
I miss...

I wish my mistakes were erased
and my past came undone
to fit you...
Track Name: Join You at the Sun
Feeling sick cuz they could kill us all.
Only hoping you'd return my call.
No one knows that I am trapped in here.
Faceless paintings hanging oh so near.

I only wanted you to follow me across the worlds.
The air is always cleaner when you try.
You've heard it all a thousand times,
the land is turning bleak and bland,
so on your way, I'll join you at the sun...
Track Name: Escape
You've got eyes that sing the blues,
a smile that calls me to
want to run with you.
Got a heart that beats to the
sound of my guitar;
A hope that takes us far.

Now it's time to take my hand.
Pray the songs wont ever end.
If you hear my cry
please don't walk on by.
Let the summer take you in.